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André Harnist

Student in Master 2 - Applied Mathematics


Harnist André
Born the 12/12/1995
22 years old

I have recently recieved my bachelor degree in Mathematics from the La Rochelle University and I am currently working towards a masters degree entitled MANU (Modelization and NUmerical Analysis) at the Montpellier University.
This cursus enables you to learn about modelizing a physical problem using PDEs (Partial Differntial Equations) and to solve them analytically or by using numerical approximations.

Despite studying mainly mathematics, I am also keen on IT.
This website has allowed me to review and improve my html, css, php and javascript skills, skills that I taught myself to use with the help of the internet.
I also like to teach, Megan Cook now knows how to create a website.

André Harnist